Architectural Design & Consultation

Complete design package from conceptual drawings, joinery and the completed engineered shop drawings

  • The Concept -
    • first step is to get a basic concept for the project - preliminary sketches, drawings, plans etc
    • basic overall sizes of timbers, desired bents and any other pertinent information
  • The Design (if required)
    • in-house designers begin the design process using your conceptual ideas and/or plans
    • plans will be sent to you for review and approval
  • 2D & 3D modelling services
    • we use CadWork software, CadWork is able to import files from other popular CAD software (ie: REVIT, Sketchup, etc)
    • CadWork is the market leader for CAD/CAM heavy timber design
  • Full architectural drawing package & engineering (if required)
    • design loads, building codes, self-weight, dead, live, snow loads, seismic loads etc. all factor into the design 
    • once the timber is sized and the joint forces are determined the design of the joinery begins
  • Shop drawings will be produced upon completion of the design, drawings & joinery