Timber Frame Specifications

Traditional European Joinery

  • MiRA procures timbers of high quality FOHC (Free Of Heart Center) Douglas Fir sustainably harvested from old-growth forests of Canada's West Coast
    • FOHC means you will get the most stable, strong and aesthetically pleasing material for your project
    • FOHC is cut completely outside of the 'pith' or 'bullseye' of the growth rings
    • All growth rings are severed in FOHC timber allowing the timber to dry more evenly
  • #1 & Better Douglas Fir
    • This is the best grade of Douglas Fir
    • Douglas Fir offers the best overall appearance and strength
  • Drying - wood moisture at 14%
    • Air drying
      • traditional method
    • Kiln drying
      • Traditional Kilns - low temperature
      • Radio Frequency Kilns - dries from the inside out
  • Traditional European Joinery vs Post & Beam
    • Joinery utilizes wood joinery held together with wooden dowels
    • Post & Beam structures are connected with metal fasteners and connectors