We’ve joined the herd. – – The Storm Bison Herd

Logo of the Storm Bison


Local award-winning timber frame company ‘MiRA Timber Frame’ has joined Storm Bison.  We are proud to join forces with other local businesses in this time of uncertainty and into the future.

In the face of Covid 19 we have the choice to face the storm collectively or weather it alone. 

“There is a great Canadian story about cattle and bison. They react very differently when faced with a storm. Cattle group together and try to run from the storm and wind up getting the worst of it.

Bison, on the other hand, gather together, stand as one, face the storm, and run head-on into it. Sharing their collective strength and experience, they travel through the storm and reach clear skies.” – Storm Bison

Holly Carmichael, owner of TruWood Artisans in Stony Plain, Alberta asked the question, “would we be stronger together?” The answer is yes. Holly went on to gather local Edmonton and area artisans, craftsmen, and small business owners in the home building and renovation sector who believe in this strength as well.

“Together we created this platform to help people get what they need for their homes quickly and reliably with access to the trade partners that industry professionals use and trust” states Holly.   She continues, “By organizing a directory that gives easy access to some of the top trades and services in the Edmonton and area building and design community, we have provided a “One Stop Shop” of peer-approved businesses to choose from. This takes the guesswork and research out of the equation if you are looking for almost anything home improvement! If you are comfortable with one of us, you can be comfortable with all of us.”